Who are Some of The New Characters Introduced in The Fourth Season of “The Boys”?

Meet the Electrifying New Characters in The Boys Season 4

The Boys Season 4: New Characters

The Boys Season 4: New Characters

The fourth season of “The Boys” has finally arrived, streaming exclusively on Prime Video. As expected, this season plunges viewers deeper into the chaos and carnage that has become synonymous with the show. Alongside the return of fan-favorite characters like Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, and Homelander, Season 4 introduces a slew of new characters that add fresh dynamics and intrigue to the already complex narrative. This article will delve into some of these new faces and their roles in the unfolding drama.

1. Sister Sage (Susan Heyward)

One of the most compelling additions to “The Boys” universe in Season 4 is Sister Sage, portrayed by Susan Heyward. Sister Sage is a new supe who brings a unique set of powers and a mysterious background to the table.

Character Overview

Sister Sage’s abilities are still shrouded in some mystery, but it’s clear that she has a significant impact on the storyline. Her introduction is marked by an aura of mysticism and power, making her a formidable presence. Heyward’s portrayal of Sister Sage adds a new layer of intensity to the series, and her interactions with both allies and enemies are sure to be pivotal.

Role in the Plot

Sister Sage’s role is intricately linked to the ongoing battle for power and control. Her presence poses new challenges and opportunities for both The Boys and Vought International. As the season progresses, viewers will see how her alliances and motivations influence the broader conflict, especially in relation to Homelander and the political machinations surrounding Victoria Neuman.

2. Firecracker (Valorie Curry)

Valorie Curry joins the cast as Firecracker, another new supe whose introduction shakes up the established order.

Character Overview

Firecracker is depicted as a fierce and volatile supe with pyrotechnic abilities. Her character is not just about flashy powers, but also about a complex personality that brings depth to her role in the series. Curry’s performance captures the fiery temperament and underlying vulnerability of Firecracker, making her an intriguing character to watch.

Role in the Plot

Firecracker’s explosive abilities make her a powerful asset in the ongoing battles. Her loyalty and true intentions are subjects of speculation throughout the season, adding an element of unpredictability. As tensions rise and alliances shift, Firecracker’s decisions and actions will have significant repercussions for all parties involved.

3. Kessler (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

The introduction of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Kessler adds a new dimension to the show, bringing in a character from the CIA who is deeply involved in the anti-supe operations.

Character Overview

Kessler is a seasoned CIA agent with a no-nonsense attitude and a deep understanding of the supe landscape. Morgan’s portrayal of Kessler is gritty and intense, reflecting the character’s long history of dealing with superhuman threats.

Role in the Plot

Kessler’s arrival signifies a more direct involvement of government agencies in the fight against Vought and its supes. His expertise and connections provide The Boys with new strategies and resources, but also come with their own set of complications. As the team navigates the treacherous waters of power and corruption, Kessler’s role becomes crucial in shaping their tactics and alliances.

4. Ryan (Cameron Crovetti)

Although not entirely new, Ryan, Homelander’s son, played by Cameron Crovetti, becomes a more central figure in Season 4.

Character Overview

Ryan is the young son of Becca and Homelander, inheriting some of his father’s powers. His character is at a crossroads, influenced by both the darkness of his father and the humanity of his mother.

Role in the Plot

Ryan’s significance in Season 4 cannot be overstated. The battle for his soul is symbolic of the larger struggle between good and evil within the series. Both Homelander and Butcher see Ryan as a pivotal figure, with the potential to either perpetuate the cycle of violence and corruption or break free from it. Ryan’s choices and the influences he succumbs to will have far-reaching consequences for the future of the supe world.

5. Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit)

Victoria Neuman’s character, played by Claudia Doumit, while not new, takes on a more prominent and sinister role this season.

Character Overview

Neuman, a supe with the ability to make heads explode, has been steadily rising in power. Her public persona as a politician working against Vought contrasts sharply with her secretive and deadly abilities.

Role in the Plot

In Season 4, Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office, under the influence of Homelander. Her actions and decisions are critical in the political landscape of the series, influencing both the supe community and the general populace. The tension between her public image and her hidden capabilities adds a layer of intrigue and danger, making her one of the most complex characters this season.

6. President-Elect Singer

Another character whose influence looms large this season is President-Elect Singer. While not much is known about him, his relationship with Neuman and the implications of his upcoming inauguration are significant.

Character Overview

President-Elect Singer represents a new political dynamic in the series. His policies and decisions will undoubtedly impact the power struggle between The Boys and Vought.

Role in the Plot

Singer’s presidency is a key plot point in Season 4. His stance on supes and his interactions with characters like Neuman and Homelander will shape the future of the nation within the series. The political intrigue and potential for corruption under his administration add to the season’s tension.

Expanding the Universe: Spinoffs and Future Projects

As “The Boys” continues to captivate audiences, the universe of the show is expanding with multiple spinoff projects. These additional series promise to explore different aspects of this dark and twisted world.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical

An animated anthology, “The Boys Presents: Diabolical,” offers fans a chance to see unique and often humorous stories set in the same universe. This spinoff provides a different perspective on the world of “The Boys,” blending dark humor with biting satire.

Gen V

“Gen V” is a live-action series set in a superhero college. This show dives into the lives of young supes as they navigate their powers and the moral complexities of their world. With its second season already in production, “Gen V” promises to be a thrilling addition to “The Boys” universe, exploring themes of power, corruption, and coming of age.

Upcoming Projects

Two other projects are currently in development, one set in Mexico and another recently announced by showrunner Erik Kripke. These projects aim to broaden the scope of “The Boys” universe, introducing new characters, settings, and storylines that will enrich the overall narrative.


Season 4 of “The Boys” not only brings back the intense action and dark humor that fans love but also introduces a host of new characters that add depth and complexity to the story. From the mysterious Sister Sage and the explosive Firecracker to the seasoned CIA agent Kessler and the pivotal figure of Ryan, these new additions enhance the narrative and drive the plot forward.

As the season unfolds, the interactions between these new characters and the established ones will shape the future of the series, leading to a climactic and thrilling conclusion. With spinoffs and additional projects in the pipeline, the universe of “The Boys” continues to expand, promising even more excitement and intrigue for fans. So, tune in to Prime Video, catch up on the new episodes, and prepare for a wild ride through the dark and chaotic world of “The Boys.”

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